Quality control. Transhipment inspections. Sampling for evidential purposes.


  • Quality control, analyses
  • Quality monitoring
  • Issue of independent quality and quantity certificates
  • Loading/discharge/transhipment controls
  • Ship / shore tank measurement
  • Loss investigations, loss control
  • Standardised sampling (ASTM, IP, ISO, DIN-EN)
  • Secured sampling in cases of dispute or prosecution proceedings
  • Sampling for evidential purposes
  • Quality assurance and loss-limitation services in case of accidents (on shore and at sea)
  • Cleanliness / suitability testing of storage containers of all types
  • Quality- and value-improving blending of fuels and mineral oil products
  • Development, formulation and sale of additive and blend components
  • Technical support in blending processes
Quality control, Transhipment inspections, Sampling for evidential purposesThe oil and petrochemicals market is one of the most difficult markets in the
Quality faults, quantity losses or time delays often incur substantial costs,
while damage often gives rise to ecological dangers. The choice of a professional inspection service-provider is therefore crucial in avoiding such risks and protecting
your interests – from the point of production through to the other partners within the
supply chain.

We therefore offer you tailor-made loading/discharge and transhipment inspections
of chemicals and petrochemicals, liquid gases (LPG), mineral oil products and
lubricating oils in seagoing vessels and inland tank barges, refineries and tank storage facilities.

These tasks include, among other things, the cleanliness and suitability testing of tank spaces, quantity determination, accident and loss quantity investigations, stocktaking, standardised sampling and product-specific chemical-physical analyses.

In the field of quality- and value-improving blending of fuels, we carry out the required sampling, and also offer analytical supervision before, during and after the blending process. We also develop products and processes which enable the easy and
economic handling of additives with the greatest possible efficiency (e.g. WASA,
improvers of octane and cetane levels, filterability and lubrication capability).