Safety engineering consultation, gas-free certification for inland tankbarges, quality monitoring


  • Quality control, analyses
  • Ship / shore tank measurement
  • Stocktaking / stock quantity determination / inventory
  • Loading / discharge inspections
  • Loss investigations, loss control
  • Damage assessments (product and other damage)
  • Standardised sampling (ASTM, IP, ISO, DIN-EN) of solid, liquid and gaseous materials
  • Secured sampling in cases of dispute or prosecution proceedings
  • Cleanliness / suitability testing of storage containers
  • Complete organisation and performance of loading / discharge operations for tanker ships
  • Training of terminal staff
Safety engineering consultation, gas-free certification for inland tankbarges, quality
        monitoringStorage means much more than simply leaving goods somewhere until they are needed – it is much rather a logistics distribution centre and essential link between production and the later use of products by the end-user. The quality requirements of the consumer determine the success of a product, and proper modern storage can make a contribution to this success.

We help storage companies with the monitoring of quality & quantity, and therefore offer impartial confirmation of the careful handling of the goods being stored.

Cleanliness and suitability testing of tank spaces, quantity and stock level determination, loss investigations (loss control), standardised sampling and product-specific chemical-physical analyses are all available to support your quality assurance measures.

For tank storage facilities we carry out terminal staff training and handle the cargo from ships berthing until departure (barge operation services).