Loss investigations, loss control, ship / shore tank measurements, stocktaking / stock quantity control / inventory


  • Quality control, analyses
  • Quantity determination, ship / shore tank measurement
  • Loading / discharge / ship to ship transfer inspections
  • Loss investigations, loss control
  • Draft surveys
  • Emptiness checks
  • Damage assessments (product and other damage)
  • Standardised sampling (ASTM, IP, ISO, DIN-EN) of solid, liquid and gaseous materials
  • Legally protected sampling in cases of dispute or prosecution proceedings
  • Quality assurance and loss-limitation services in case of accidents (on shore and at sea)
  • Cleanliness / suitability inspections of storage containers of all types
  • Tank barge inspections in accordance with EBIS checklist
  • Gas-free certification for inland tankbarges (product or grade change to shipper regulations)
  • Gas-free certification for inland tank barges (safe for men and fire to ADNR / GGVBinnsch regulations)
  • Gas-free certification for dry cargo shipping (extracted grain, biogas measurements, bunker tanks)
  • Safety engineering consultation
Loss investigations, loss control, ship / shore tank measurements, stocktaking /
        stock quantity control / inventoryThe logistics sector provides the punctual and efficient transport of goods. Hazardous goods require special attention with regard to health, quality, safety and the environment (HQSE).

We assessed transport service-providers in the handling of these tasks, and help them to implement and achieve the HQSE objectives.

Cleanliness and suitability inspections of tank spaces, quantity determination, accident and loss quantity investigations, monitoring of b/b-transshipments and standardised sampling are all available to support
your quality management system.

Since 1994 we have been carrying out checks on tankbarges in accordance with the “Barges Safety Checklist” as part of the “EBIS” (European barge information system (Info: www.ebis.nl) for various mineral oil companies, and regularly take part in training courses held for the working committee. Three employees are accredited inspectors of the “EBIS”.

We are also the only inspection company along the German Rhine region to have an expert for gas-free certification of inland tankers
certified by the Waterways and Shipping Authority.

For activities in the field of tanker shipping, and in areas where experience with hazardous goods is essential, we use only expert employees
in the sense of the specifications of ADNR Rn 8.2 ff (holders of the so-called “ADNR certificate” with expert examination). From mid-2009 all inspectors will have a personal SCC (Safety Certificate Contractors)