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2009 / 2010

  • Optimisation of our HQSE policy and preparation for introduction of an SCC management system, acquisition of specific personal SCC for all inspectors including management personnel (details on SCC can be found here)
  • Participation in the EU Twinning “Light” Project MT2006-IB-OT-07 in Valetta/Malta (details on the project can be found here)
  • Recertification of the QM-system to ISO 9001:2008

2006 / 2008

  • Cooperation in the Sampling Working Group of the FAM (Fachausschuss Mineralöl- und Brennstoffnormung im DIN)
    (DIN specialist committee for mineral oil and fuel standardisation)
  • Increase of the service volume to over 1,500 ship units/year with a total transport tonnage of approx. 2.5 million tonnes/p.a.
    of mineral oil/petrochemicals products
  • Updating and recertification of the QM system to ISO 9001:2000 (Cert DE, Cert EN)

2001 / 2005

  • Participation in the EU Twinning Project EE2003/IB/EN/03 – “Development of Estonian fuel quality management system”
    – Training of the official inspectors in Tallinn/Estonia (details and pictures of the project can be found here)
  • Further service contracts with mineral oil companies and traders.
  • Separation of ancillary business areas and concentration on the core business. (Quantity and quality inspections for the mineral oil processing industry and chemicals industry, services for tanker shipping, hazardous goods consultation, pre-shipment inspections)
  • Modification and recertification of the QM system to ISO 9001:2000-12 (Cert DE, Cert EN)
  • Sampling for quality checking of “Cheap filling stations” for the “Explosiv” programme of the TV station RTL.
  • Expansion of the regional presence through our partner Befrag Gefahrgut- und Kontroll GmbH, Birsfelden/CH
  • Celebration of the 10th anniversary of the company – appropriately on a ship – A TANKSHIP!!

1996 / 2000

  • Sampling of fuels at 1,500 filling stations in Germany for quality checking as part of a study by an automobile club and the
    “Verband deutscher Automobilhersteller” (“Association of German Automotive Manufacturers”)
  • Conclusion of a service contract for quantity and quality controls of fuels and fuel components with a mineral oil company.
    Extent: 500,000 tonnes/p.a.
  • Initial certification of our QM system to ISO 9001:1994 (Cert DE, Cert EN)
  • Due to increased demand from our customers for a more national presence, opening of representative offices in Duisburg,
    Hamburg and Munich. Through the expansion of our laboratory partner PetroLab GmbH, analysis laboratories have since been available at all locations. The representation in the Netherlands was relocated from Rotterdam to Rhoon.
  • Accreditation of 3 employees as EBIS inspectors

1991 / 1995

  • Extension of the range of services to the sampling of fresh water for examination in accordance with fresh water regulations for vessels of all types. Opening of the regional office in Riesa/Elbe.
  • Partnership with PetroLab GmbH, Speyer – Laboratory for mineral oil and environmental analysis
  • Relocation of the company headquarters from Lampertheim to Mannheim. Occupation of the offices in the Rheinkaistrasse
    (with a view of the Rhine and a “direct line to the customer”).
  • Extension of the range of services to quality-assurance monitoring of work processes at suppliers to the automotive industry,
    and soil, water and air sampling for environmental analysis
  • Certification of Mr. Rainer Kropf by the “WSD Südwest” as an expert for the issuing of Gas-free certificates for tank barges
  • First service contract with a mineral oil company for safety inspections to inland tanker barges
    (“Barges Checklist” – Precursor of EBIS).
  • Conclusion of a service contract for quantity and quality controls of import goods with a mineral oil trading company.
    Foundation of an agency in Rotterdam.
  • Foundation of the CeTeC - Chemical-Technical-Control Ges. mbH on 30.08.1991 with headquarters in Lampertheim/Hessen as an independent testing and inspection company for all types of goods incl. environmental services (Main business area: Inland shipping, mineral oil processing and chemicals industry)